The Philippine – English Community(フィリピンー英語共同体) 2019年4月

Philippine-English Community
Hirakata Church Filipino Community

As of January 13, new officers were elected, year 2019~2022.
Lenten season starts on March 6, Ash Wednesday,it is a christian holy day of prayers, fasting and repentance.It takes place 40 days until Easter Sunday.
March 10, before the mass, a holy retreat or recollection was headed by Sister Clare and after that a confession.The purpose of spiritual retreat refreshes and revitalizes, gives the opportunity for more time spent in prayer and contemplation.

Holy Week begins on holy Monday April 15, ends on easter Sunday April 21.
April 14, Palm Sunday (linggo ng palaspas or branches Sunday).Worshipers bear ornately woven palm fronds or palaspas to church for blessing by priest, before or after the day’s mass.The fronds are often brought home and placed on altars doors or windows, in the belief that these can ward off demons and everts both fire and lightning.
Good Friday, people gather in churches for veneration of cross, it is the Holy Interment which is both the name of the rite itself and of the statue of the dead Jesus Christ.
Black Saturday, is the ritual of mourning for the death of Jesus Christ.Then the Easter Sunday, is marked with joyous celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

Making Easter Eggs, and for christian, the custom of giving eggs at easter celebrates New Life.These eggs were painted in bright colors to give them further meaning as a gift.
We are inviting everyone, every 2nd Sunday of the month 3 o’clock in the afternoon. More events and celebration will be held and will be posted.Thank you very much.
(written by Secretary: O・A)





毎月、第2日曜日3時からのミサに皆さんをお招きします。多くの行事やお祝いがありますよ。 (書記 O・A)