Philippine-English Community(フィリピン英語共同体)

The Philippine-English Community is delighted to show you the activities we have done up to this date.

First, the Misa Milagrosa. It is celebrated yearly on the month of October. The Philippine-English Community, together with other communities of the Church gathered for the mass and the procession.

Second, The Bazaar. Last October, the community also joined the Bazaar where they prepared banana cue and sold it for 100 yen each. Banana cue is a Filipino street food made with bananas and fried with brown sugar and a lot of cooking oil. Third, the Belen Making. December of every year, members of the community gathered for the Belen Making. Belen is the Filipino term for The Nativity. It is placed at the entrance of the Church. As you can see in the picture, the Baby Jesus is not yet on a manger, it will be placed on December 24. Last, the Christmas Party which is the community’s last activity of the year. Filipinos in and outside the city came to her the mass and to celebrate Christmas the Filipino way. Another year full of blessings has passed, let us all be thankful to God and let us all welcome another year full of love and happiness. The Philippine-English Community is wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!