The Philippine – English Community(フィリピンー英語共同体)

The Philippine – English Community is community that aims to be thoughtful, intentional and sustainable in their approach to community challenges and opportunities.
As members of the Church, we want to be present and be active in joining the activities and be part of the community, therefore, this November 11, we would like to invite you to join us in the Bazaar. We will be selling Filipino delicacies like banana cue and “puto” or the Mushi Pan. There will also be performances of other communities showcasing their own dances and culture. Let us all join and appreciate one another as one community. “The Philippine – English Community(フィリピンー英語共同体)” の続きを読む

Philippine-English Community(フィリピン-英語 共同体)

The Holy Week in the Philippines is a significant religious observance for the country’s Roman Catholic majority. It begins on Palm Sunday and continues on through to Black Saturday. Throughout the Holy Week, many communities observe Catholic rituals such as processions with Jesus, Mother Mary, the apostles and many saints; recitation or chanting of the story of Passion; a stage or street play about the life and Passion of Jesus and visitation of the churches. “Philippine-English Community(フィリピン-英語 共同体)” の続きを読む