Philippine-English Connunity Hirakata Church Filipino community(フィリピンー英語共同体) 2019年7月

After the lenten season to easter, in thePhilippines, Flores de Mayo (spanish for Flowers of May) is a festival held in the month of May.It is one of the May Devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary and lasts for the entire month.Devotees offer flowers and prayers to an image of Mary every night.

The Santacruzan(holy cross) is the ritual pageant held in the cities, towns, and even small communities throughout the Philippines on the last day of the Flores de Mayo and novena is held in honor of the Holy Cross. It honors the finding of the true cross by Helena of Constantinople (known as Reyna Elena).

There is a procession during Flores de Mayo and the participants would follow the typical arrangement.The procession is accompanied by the steady beat of a local brass band, playing and singing the “Dios Te Salve” spanish version of the Hail Mary.Devotees hold lighted candles and sing the prayer as they walk.It is customary for males, participating in the santacruzan to wear the traditional Barong Tagalog, and that the females wear any filipina- inspired dress.(Contributed by Mrs. A・O)

枚方教会 フィリピン英語共同体



「5月の花」の期間中には行列があり、参加者は(写真のような)独特な取り決めに従います。行列には土地のブラスバンドがつき、きれいに音頭をとって「マリア、万歳」のスペイン語の「Dios Te Salve」 を演奏し、合唱があります。信者たちは灯のついたろうそくを手に、歩きながら祈り歌います。「聖なる十字架」に参加する男性は、伝統的なタガログの衣装を、そして女性はいろいろなフィリピンの衣装を、身に付けます。

The Philippine – English Community(フィリピンー英語共同体) 2019年4月

Philippine-English Community
Hirakata Church Filipino Community

As of January 13, new officers were elected, year 2019~2022.
Lenten season starts on March 6, Ash Wednesday,it is a christian holy day of prayers, fasting and repentance.It takes place 40 days until Easter Sunday.
March 10, before the mass, a holy retreat or recollection was headed by Sister Clare and after that a confession.The purpose of spiritual retreat refreshes and revitalizes, gives the opportunity for more time spent in prayer and contemplation.

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The Philippine – English Community(フィリピンー英語共同体) 2019年2月

The Philippine-English Community

Catholicism in the Philippines rapidly spread during the early years of Spanish Colonialism. Its close associations with Filipino identity have placed the Catholic Church at the heart of nationalism, social justice and other movements, while at the same time has been associated with power and politics at various points in its history. Since the colonial period, Catholicism has been the cornerstone of Filipino identity for millions in the Philppines. In 2015, it was estimated that 84 million Filipinos or roughly 82.9% of the population profess the Catholic Faith. “The Philippine – English Community(フィリピンー英語共同体) 2019年2月” の続きを読む

The Philippine – English Community(フィリピンー英語共同体)

The Philippine – English Community is community that aims to be thoughtful, intentional and sustainable in their approach to community challenges and opportunities.
As members of the Church, we want to be present and be active in joining the activities and be part of the community, therefore, this November 11, we would like to invite you to join us in the Bazaar. We will be selling Filipino delicacies like banana cue and “puto” or the Mushi Pan. There will also be performances of other communities showcasing their own dances and culture. Let us all join and appreciate one another as one community. “The Philippine – English Community(フィリピンー英語共同体)” の続きを読む

Philippine-English Community(フィリピン-英語 共同体)

The Holy Week in the Philippines is a significant religious observance for the country’s Roman Catholic majority. It begins on Palm Sunday and continues on through to Black Saturday. Throughout the Holy Week, many communities observe Catholic rituals such as processions with Jesus, Mother Mary, the apostles and many saints; recitation or chanting of the story of Passion; a stage or street play about the life and Passion of Jesus and visitation of the churches. “Philippine-English Community(フィリピン-英語 共同体)” の続きを読む